Why learn english: 4 excellent reasons

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Wondering why learn English? Do you need to be convinced of the usefulness of this objective before starting? You are right because having concrete motivation and knowing exactly what all the effort you are going to do to learn English grammar, memorize vocabulary and all the rest will help you to stay motivated in your learning in the long term. Whether you have no knowledge of English , want to review the basics or want to speak English fluently , you will need a good dose of motivation to get started and to get through any slack. In this article I have listed for you10 excellent reasons that will greatly motivate you to progress in English. What do you say? Let’s go!

Why learn English? 4reasons

For me, starting to learn a strange language should start with your why. Many learners give up on the way because they do not have enough motivation. By having a real goal, you increase your chances of success! Pick from these 10 ideas.

1. Travel abroad easily

Take my word for it, getting by in English is a big plus when you go on a trip abroad. I have visited more than thirty countries and my level of English has saved me more than once!

Whether it’s explaining a dental problem to the emergency room, rebooking a new flight after missing a connection or claiming a full refund from air B n B after our host failed us.

Being fluent will not only allow you to get by day by day or in the event of a problem (recovering the rental car, checking in at the hotel, booking a boat trip) but also to meet great people.

Chatting with the locals is a great way to find nuggets to discover off the tourist trail. It would be a shame to miss a fascinating conversation with the hosts of the Bed and breakfast where you are staying, and having to rely on your husband or wife to do everything, from ordering at the restaurant to asking where to find the bread at the supermarket, is very frustrating!

If you like to travel and you are thirsty to discover foreign countries, get back to English before leaving. You thank yourself for having taken action once there because your holidays will be greatly facilitated!

2. Speak English for a Personal Challenge

If you have been looking for reasons why you should go back to English, many of my students use English as a personal challenge.

Some need it because they work in an international company, others like to travel to English-speaking countries or elsewhere, but for all, or almost, the main reason is to challenge themselves as some challenge themselves to run a marathon or to complete a triathlon.

If you’ve been thinking about getting back to English for some time, it’s probably because you’ve had this deep desire buried somewhere for a while and that finally getting back to it and sticking to it would make you extremely proud of yourself!

Because yes, learning a foreign language is quite a challenge. There are ups and downs but what a pleasure once you can exchange with ease with native or non-native speakers from all over the world!

Want to motivate yourself to take up this challenge? Boost your motivation with these 112 Most Inspirational English Quotes.

3. Boost your international career or access a new position

If you work in an international company, making progress in English could allow you to be more efficient on a daily basis, for example you may no longer need google translation to write emails and finally dare to participate in zoom meetings with foreign clients.

Having a good level of English (and why not a toeic in your pocket with a good CEFR score) could allow you to access a new, more interesting position or tip the balance in your favor if the recruiter hesitates between two candidates with the same experience and the same qualifications.

Mastering business English can clearly open doors for you in the world of work and offer you great opportunities for your professional career.

The level you currently have reflects the efforts and actions you have done (or not done!) over the past 6 to 12 months. So be careful, don’t wait to be up against the wall to revise your English because a lot of people contact me a few weeks before a job interview or you have to prove yourself with a language test, but at this time it’s too late to work miracles. Invest time in your learning now and you’ll thank yourself when a great job opportunity arises because you’ll be ready!

4. To succeed in your studies, go on Erasmus or study abroad

English will also be useful for you to go on Erasmus or on a language exchange abroad at university or in a post-baccalaureate school. If you already have a good level, you will have a better chance of finding a place for a university exchange and your stay there will be all the better.

In some courses you will need a certain level of English to obtain your diploma. Some engineering schools, for example, require a minimum toeic score to pass your year! In many post-baccalaureate choices (sports college, license, business school, etc.) English will always be a subject in the program.

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