Tips to get good at math!

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Once, and only once, you have taken the correction, you may begin to wonder if you have understood it. Why only afterwards? you will tell me. What question !

Do you remember Fort Boyard? At the end, when they go into the kind of cage to pick up the boyars, they put their T-shirts full of them and they go back and forth… No, you don’t remember? Come on, I’ll give it to you.

Take a good look, do you have the impression that the candidates are counting their boyars before bringing them back ? Answer: NO. They don’t count them, they wait for the end of the clock before worrying about how many they have!

And to understand, there are only two solutions:

Either you understand immediately, because you have properly bled yourself to find the solution on your own, and then there is ecstasy, pure mathematical kiff, shivers throughout your body and a pupil who liquefies on his chair. That’s why we love math. When we pass from the incomprehensible larva, to the demi-god who has understood.

Or you don’t understand. And then there, there is only one reflex to have. As fast as lightning: we raise our finger, and we say: “I didn’t understand Sir/Madam ”.

It is his work, his reason for living, his holy vocation. You are there to understand, this is what justifies your presence in the class, rather than in your couch or at the beach. So I repeat, if you don’t understand, the first step is to tell the teacher. And  good at math believe me, it’s becoming so rare for students to admit they don’t understand, that when you go and tell them, they’re going to be completely dumbfounded.

You have the right to demand that your teacher explain it to you . In the same way that he has the right to ask you not to make a snap in progress. It’s his job, and in this aspect, you are a client who has the right to be demanding. Ask him to explain to you what he is doing. lt. He is full of resources, he can explain differently!

You absolutely must leave the course with the answers to your questions. If for X reasons (class too disturbed, too many questions, etc…), you cannot make yourself heard during the course, go see him at the end of the course. And if he runs away, spray it with mail, wait for him outside his house, write to his wife. Everything is good in this area.

Repeat the exercises when you get home.

We have finished the first phase which corresponded to the classroom phase . Congratulations, you have a math exercise, its correction, and you think you have understood it.

You think you have understood it , and that’s good, because you go home with a light spirit, with in your stomach the warm feeling of having accomplished your duty, and you deserve that, you who worked so hard during the two hours of course.

Repeat the day’s exercises in the evening. THE SAME EVENING! Because you have to strike while the iron is hot, the brain has barely begun to trace the chemistry of understanding, it’s time to strike hard and mark your intelligence with a hot iron with this exercise!

To redo an exercise is obviously to redo it without the correction. How easy it is to convince oneself that one has understood by reading a correction! Especially since it is a beautiful correction note. You start the exercises by hiding your notebook in another room. And we start hurting each other again. Again and again. And we realize that we thought we had understood, but that whole sections of the correction are missing from our minds. So we hurt each other. We try to remember. Again and again. And when you’re about to give up, you take a quick look at your answer book and close it immediately. Until we are able to completely rewrite the correction, on our own.

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