How and why become a teacher?

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Are you interested in the education and teaching sector, but are you hesitating? Still wondering why become a teacher? If it is often said that the teaching profession is chosen by vocation or by passion, it is not for nothing! It is essential to invest fully in your role, not only because it is the best way to transmit knowledge, but also because, as a teacher, you have a definite impact and influence on your students.

What is the role of the teacher?

The role of the teacher is to transmit knowledge to a group of young people within a school. He accompanies his students towards the development of knowledge and skills in one or more subjects, whether in mathematics, French, geography or even art for example.

Teaching is an absolutely fascinating profession, at the crossroads of education, knowledge and human contact.

Here are the reasons that make the teaching career so attractive:

Teaching the youngest means transmitting both knowledge and passion. You share with these children or teenagers knowledge and a culture that is transmitted from generation to generation. You are thus an actor in this heritage and this education become a teacher  which are so dear to our history and to our society. You share your knowledge in order to develop that of your students, whether primary school, college or high school students, in one or more subjects. Moreover, beyond the educational aspect, you also transmit a passion. Your role is indeed also to arouse the interest of young people, to arouse their curiosity. You have the chance to talk every day about what drives you, to share with your students your inclination for a certain subject or a certain subject.

Give the example

Young people flourish and learn to live in society by taking example from the adults around them. As a teacher, you are now part of the referent people who gravitate in their sphere and who thus have an impact on them. A great opportunity to set a good example and transmit strong values, such as tolerance, team spirit or solidarity. You can be a source of inspiration for these young people who are growing up and who are still looking for themselves.

Supporting young people in their career choice

Young people can sometimes be under a certain pressure when it comes to choosing a certain course or studies towards which they are heading. The teacher is lucky enough to be able to guide them in this decision, which often turns out to be difficult. Today, personal development occupies a particularly significant place in our lives, and our choice of career must not simply meet financial needs. Our profession must reflect our values ​​and allow us to fully develop as people as well. Also, it is now more common to change careers, to retrain. Therefore, the role of the teacher is really important in the orientation of young people, since he must help them find a path that attracts them and corresponds to them,

For the human dimension

The teaching profession is a profession that we can qualify as fundamentally human. Communication , listening, and sharing are part of his daily life . Which turns out to be particularly fulfilling! Moreover, it is true that teaching an entire class can sometimes be a real challenge, or even be complicated. Thus, in contact with your students, you too develop and sharpen your interpersonal skills , such as patience and adaptability.

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