5 mistakes to avoid to succeed in college

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College is much faster than high school, the teacher is there mainly to teach. The courses end up being cumulative and you can find yourself at a minimum of 400 to 500 pages to learn in the first semester and just as much in the next. Sometimes the workload even increases to reach 800 pages per semester (semesters that very often last 3 and a half months).

This is why you have to work little by little so as not to be overwhelmed or discouraged, at least 5 days out of 7 you have to work hard and review your lessons, if only the lesson of the day. In high school, 1 year leads to the baccalaureate. At university, the Bac is twice a year.

The other difference is that the success rate drops, in L1 the success rate can drop to 38/40% of the unit (with an average of 25 to 30% of redirected succeed in college students and 25 to 30% of repeaters more 5 to 10% of people able to interrupt their studies.).

This is why we must integrate this difference, high school has not always prepared us for it, university is another world, but it is not a world of chess.

Postpone revisions until tomorrow

Back to school begins in September and exams fall in winter, there is little time to distribute his work.

Much more than reading his courses, it is still necessary to understand them! This is the issue of the distribution of time. The more you revise over long periods, the more you will lighten your work, but also develop your long memory, the one that retains information without there being any need to revise hard the day before.

This is why I strongly advise you to make a schedule, from the start, by organizing your revisions, your breaks and your leisure activities. This is not an exam schedule, but working less and longer will be of crucial help in validating the semesters, also with excellent grades.

It is not impossible to validate a semester by starting it late, but you need a good capacity for last-minute memorization and to be a hard worker capable of giving long intensive work to hope to reach the average.

Working on your long memory will be beneficial and relaxing to succeed in your studies without getting discouraged.

You may be someone who works hard, who knows his lessons by heart, if you do not return an exam paper that is in the forms and rules of what your teacher asks for, chances are that a work, which in course questions would have given you probably 18, turns into a terrible 6, 4 or 3.

On average, if you have shown that you know your course well it will be difficult to have very bad grades, but why have 8 when you could have 18 with the same amount of work, just by modifying the way you apply your knowledge? ?

To do this, do not hesitate in tutorials to ask questions to the tutor on the methodology, also to send messages to teachers to ask them if they do not want to make a point on it.

Do not underestimate the number of points you lose when you do not respect the methodology. We can validate with a less brilliant copy but which respects the methodological expectations than a scholarly but messy copy which comes out of the nails of the method.

You can miss a lesson in an amphitheater, but then you have to make up for it. You have to dare, either by asking on Facebook, or by going directly to the amphitheater to ask someone.

A hole in a course is like a hole in a ship of which you are the captain. You can’t get to your destination without solving it.

So constantly make sure that your courses are up to date otherwise you risk failing your exams automatically, it is enough that the missing part of your course contains the subject of the exam or what relates to it.

You must not revise your courses ineffectively.

If you learn your lessons without using the memorization method that suits you best, you will not be productive, you will take longer to remember and this can discourage you.

You must first determine whether you retain your lessons better, by reading them, by copying them or by hearing them.

Depending on the answer you must adapt your working method to your way of memorizing. As far as I’m concerned, it was the auditory, so I used an automatic reader, perhaps I wouldn’t have my diploma today without relying on a review mode prioritizing listening to reading.

This is very important because finding your way to revise will help you with the transition from college to high school.

I think if you are careful to avoid these mistakes, you will be successful. I hope I have helped you and it is a pleasure for me to do so.

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